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Terms of use

Miami Aqua Tours "REQUIRES" that all our customers and those of the associated companies that promote and sell our products bring PRINTED the voucher or receipt of purchase .- Note that the voucher does not guarantee the location of the seat, and will board according to the Order of arrival at the boarding line.- The client must arrive 20 minutes before the departure of the boat to do his Check in at our sales positions - if the client does not arrive at the boat at the reserved time he cannot take another boat at another time and immediately will lose the reservation, client  will NOT be relocated and you will lose 100% of the purchase. - purchases made by our website and our partners count as a confirmed reservation, the time and boat will be respected - If the customer does not have a previous reservation or buy a promotions page and discounts, he / she must read the terms and Conditions attached to that page - If the customer wants to board a specific ship you must call ahead to reconfirm that the boat you require is available by that date. - In case of bad weather, hurricane, malfunction of the boat or any regulation of the Coast Guard of the EE. UU that prevents the departure of the ships, customers will be transferred to the next boat and available departure time. - Tickets are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE - Miami Aqua Tours is the ONLY one that can totally cancel the operation of their boats and at their discretion to provide money refunds if you have no way to relocate customers on a boat.